L-DEP-DB, Leishmania Differentially Expressed Protein DataBase, is a collection of inforamtion of proteins that are differntially expressed in proteomic study (invitro or invivo study) involving Leishmania parasite or Leishmanial infection. This database is a result of the systematic review. Articles published between 2000 and 2019 were considered for this study and for this review they were classified into five groups namely differential protein expression studies upon Leishmania infection, differential protein expression studies between different strains of Leishmania, differential protein expression studies on drug resistance towards Leishmaniasis, differential protein expression studies during stress on Leishmania, and differential protein expression studies on different life stages of Leishmania. A total of 2635 records are made available in the database and we believe it will help the research community in performing targeted proteomics study related to Leishmania.

Ravi Ranjan · Pradeep Das · Saravanan Vijayakumar. Differentially modulated proteins associated with Leishmaniasis—a systematic review of in‑vivo and in‑vitro studies. Molecular Biology Reports.(2020)

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